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About Us

What is Crime Stoppers?
In Canada, Crime Stoppers is a network of civilian, non-profit organizations that bring together in a three-way partnership involving law enforcement, the media and the community in the fight against crime.

Crime Stoppers provides citizens with a vehicle to anonymously supply the police with information about a crime or potential crime they are aware of. Cash Rewards are offered to people who contact the program to report any type of criminal activity and their information assists law enforcement in their investigation.

Who administers the Crime Stoppers Program?
A volunteer Board of Directors actively administers and is responsible for the program. The Crime Stoppers program is a non-profit organization and is responsible for raising funds and the disbursement of rewards.  Many Crime Stoppers programs are also registered charities. The Board of Directors works in close cooperation with law enforcement and all areas of the media. The Board works in concert with a Program Coordinator who handles the tips and other duties, depending on the needs of the local program. Depending on the size of the program, there may be additional staff to support the program and the Board of Directors.

How is the Crime Stoppers program funded?
Crime Stoppers is a Community Project supported by donations of money, goods or services. Contributions from individuals, corporations, clubs, professional associations, retailers, civic and social groups keep the Crime Stoppers program functional. Donations to a Crime Stoppers Program may be tax deductible.

How did Crime Stoppers begin?
In July 1976, in Albuquerque New Mexico, a university student was killed during a gas station robbery. After 6 weeks of investigation, the police had few leads. Police investigators believed that if the public was able to observe a re-enactment of the crime on television, this might lead to a citizen providing information that would lead to an arrest. An anonymous phone line was set up, and a cash reward of $300 was offered for information that led to an arrest.

They were right. A caller contacted the anonymous phone number the next day after seeing the re-enactment. The tip information was enough to lead the police to the two men who were responsible. Within 72 hours of the re-enactment being aired, the police had solved the murder. This was the beginning of Crime Stoppers.

There are now Crime Stoppers programs around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of crimes have been solved as a result and billions of dollars in stolen property and narcotics have been seized.

How does Crime Stoppers work?
The Crime Stoppers tip line is staffed by trained personnel who receive, process, and relay tip information to investigating officers. Callers are given a code which is used in all subsequent calls, and callers do not have to identify themselves.

A reward of up to $2,000 is offered to anyone providing information which leads to an arrest for a crime. Rewards may also be offered for information leading to the recovery of stolen property, the seizure of illegal drugs or an arrest on an outstanding warrant.

Media is a very important component of Crime Stoppers. An unsolved crime may be re-enacted and shown on television, may be publicized in a newspaper, aired on the radio or shared through digital media. The media also brings the program to the attention of the public.